Wednesday, January 6, 2010

30 Day Shred: Day 3

I am in day 2 of the Flat Belly Diet's 4-Day anti-bloat fast. And can I tell you something? I am RAVENOUS. I cannot diet, and this is why. For breakfast I had: a bowl of unsweetened corn flakes, some sunflower seeds, pineapple tidbits and a glass of Sassy Water. I understand that dieting is about feeding yourself for nutritional value rather than taste. Which is something especially important for a comfort eater like myself. But I go to bed hungry, I wake up hungry, and even when I eat, I'm still hungry.


I have to go to Target today to pick up some odds and ends, and I think that I will break my diet and have a Jamba Juice smoothie and then go shopping for diet foods for myself. I cannot follow this diet without going insane.

In other news, I did something different for my 3rd day of the shred! I cracked open our EA Active for Wii Box and did a few workouts, and holy ISH. Amazing. If you have a Wii, I highly recommend buy this game. My heart rate got going, I did cardio, kickboxing, etc. And you don't need the Wii Fit board, just the Wii-mote & controller.

Anyways, I'll do the shred tonight. In the mean time? I'll be avoiding boxes of crackers for fear that I will eat an entire box in one sitting.

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