Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I climbed a tree to see the world

It's sort of depressing that I haven't written in this ALL MONTH. And it isn't even really like I've been too terribly busy. Remarkably, I've mostly kept up with my workouts, which I'm so proud of. I mean, yeah, I do miss a day here and there, and then I have to balance that out with how much I eat. I have started enjoying working out and I think it is because I can see the results, even if my scale isn't really showing a huge difference. My clothes fit differently, my endurance is better, my skin is consistently clear. It has just been really good all around.

On a totally different note...
I have become more aware recently of my own mortality. I'm not dying, but when you're very young, you don't necessarily think about death or dying or how long you'll be here for. It's just sort of a given that you'll wake up every morning and that the days aren't really that important because there will just be another one tomorrow. Death is for other people. But now, in my 25th year, I've discovered that each day really is a gift and even if I'm not globetrotting or changing the world, it is important to spend as much time as I can appreciating the world and the people around me. There is a lot to be sad or angry or frustrated with in life, but the fact that you are here at all to even feel those emotions is something to be grateful for.

I encourage you to listen to the song below. I first heard it on an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" back in 2007, and became addicted to it. You don't even necessarily need to listen to the lyrics, just listen to the melody. It is possibly my favorite song ever, I cannot properly describe the feelings it gives me. But I have found it to be really fantastic thinking music. Or the soundtrack to my own music video. Sometimes, I listen to it when I'm on the bus on the way home from a doctor's appointment for work. And with this as your background music, the world becomes your very own stop motion music video.

Also, watch the Bright Star trailer (and the movie itself!) for the best use of music in a trailer. Ever.

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